Customer Engagement Solutions for Life Science and Health Care

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Medication non-adherence is a major problem that leads to gaps in patient outcomes and business results.  Digital customer engagement solutions hold the most promise for closing the gap.

And you need to close another gap -- the gap between the promise of customer engagement...and its performance. We help you design and deploy winning customer engagement initiatives efficiently and effectively.  

Deliver on the promise and performance of customer engagement with viihealth.

Enabling Commercial Success

customer engagement gap

What prevents you from realizing the full potential of your customer engagement strategy? And reducing the gap in aligning the field, HCPs and patients effectively?
Constrained organizational resources and limited capabilities create gaps that make it difficult to devise and execute effective customer engagement solutions fast. 
viihealth leverages our proprietary - mobile savvy technology platform, strategy, and execution capabilities to close the gap.  We enable you to successfully deploy winning customer engagement solutions enterprise-wide. 

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Your salesforce is the vital interface between you and your customers.  But traditional approaches are no longer as effective.  You need new tools for the new rules. 
viihealth improves the commercial effectiveness of physician - patient marketing efforts for your company:
Improves your process, time-to-market and customer experience
Utilizes rigorous digital planning and segmentation data
Equips field reps with real-time, actionable, customer-centric insights that make each physician interaction more productive – and profitable
Adapts to local markets

Enhancing Commercial Effectiveness

Empowering Health Care Professionals and Patients

Health care professionals and patients are increasingly tech-savvy.  They are looking for easy and better solutions.  viihealth offers an easy-to-use multi-channel patient engagement Health Hub solution leverages engaging alerts, triggers, and communication tools to:
Foster more robust patient-HCP engagement
Motivate positive patient behavior change
Increase medication and treatment plan adherence
Improve outcomes health care and commercial outcomes


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Bottom-Line Results

Enables you to deliver Customer Engagement Solutions that drive increased profitability, efficiency, and return on marketing spend.

Flexible, Fast Customization

Customized patient engagement solutions that meet your needs and drive tangible results

Safe, Secure Platform

Private platform-as-service enables secure solutions that work across companies, countries, therapeutic areas - aligning multiple stakeholders.

Deep Expertise

The team, with decades of firsthand experience in building and scaling innovative commercial and technology solutions on both the vendor and company sides.

Market Tested

Leading life science companies are currently utilizing viihealth solution to improve results in multiple markets globally and locally.

Open Insight ™ Marketing

Data and field insights enable more robust engagement between field representatives and physicians.

Enabling Global-to-Local Delivery

We help you adapt and deploy global marketing strategies and resources to address local market needs efficiently.

Technical Know-How

We leverage expertise in cloud computing, data-centric applications, and mobile enterprise collaboration.

Complete Solutions

We deliver complete solutions that align with your commercial model - brand and portfolio selling for multiple customer segments.  Institutions, physicians, consumers.  


Customer Testimonial

"viihealth enabled us to design and implement a global project that has advanced our Portfolio and Solution Selling Strategic Roadmap.  With the help of viihealth, we both evolved our medical marketing plan and executed a customer-centric digital/technical upgrade. Leveraging the strategic insight, technical expertise, and executional know-how of viihealth has enabled us to build stronger customer relationships and close more sales"

 Senior Marketing Executive, Leading Pharmaceutical Company




viihealth team - Sunny Verma

Sunny Verma

Founder / President

Sunny is a seasoned executive with a demonstrated ability to build and scale innovative solutions to engage physicians and patients. During his 20-year tenure with Merck, Sunny developed the US Human Health multi-channel strategy and was responsible for building / integrating digital channels such as e-detailing, e-education, and e-mail. He pioneered integrated digital channel campaigns and built capabilities to improve customer experience and engagement at Merck. Sunny holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Loyola Chicago and a MBA from University of Iowa. 
viiheath team - Mark Benthin

Mark Benthin

Co-Founder  / Principal

Mark is a serial entrepreneur with a proven record in delivering creative solutions involving cloud computing, data-centric applications, and mobile enterprise collaboration. Prior to viihealth, Mark founded Aptilon Corporation, where he developed the first remote physician detailing mobile solution for life sciences. As leader of commercial operations and business development, Mark was instrumental in growing and successfully divesting the business. Mark is on the board of DMD Connects, a cloud-based Health IT data company. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) from McMaster University


viihealth team - Lee Ehler

Lee Ehler

VP Operations

Lee oversees cross-functional operations teams (content, creative/design, technology development and quality control). He is also responsible for the delivery of client-sponsored viihealth programs and brings extensive experience in healthcare, multimedia, eLearning, technology and marketing environments. Prior to joining viihealth Lee was Executive Vice President at HIT Global and his previous roles include Director of Operations at IC Axon and Senior Project Manager for Aptilon Health. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute and holds a BSc (Honors) from Dalhousie University.


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