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Friction and the Digital Content Machine

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Ask any mechanical engineer to name a machine’s worst enemy.
The response: Friction. And the digital content machine is no exception. 

As pharma marketers strive to “feed the digital content machine,” or meet the unprecedented demand for both the quantity and quality of digital content, they face friction in authoring, updating, and delivering targeted relevant content to Health Care Professionals and Consumers.

According to Chemical and Engineering News1“On Earth, friction is a physical force, like gravity... But friction is incredibly costly. In machines, friction quietly steals power by wasting kinetic energy... Friction eventually causes the materials to wear down, ending an object’s useful life.”

What does friction look like in digital content? The current process for updating digital content is painful, lengthy and cost prohibitive. Even small changes or updates to digital content require cumbersome manual programming, which incurs high costs and long turnaround times. The process leads to a poor user navigation experience for the field reps and HCPs. And Pharma marketers lack the advanced analytics needed to harness customer insights in order optimize digital assets for increased impact and engagement. 

That’s why Pharma marketers are excited about the viihealth cloud-based tools for content authoring and updating “on the fly,” without the need for manual programming: reduced churn, cost, and time-to-market. Through our state-of-the-art mobile-savvy engagement platform, we help pharma companies remove friction to enhance the delivery and impact of targeted digital content to HCPs and Consumers.

We are changing the way pharma companies accelerate the right content to the right customers, simplify and scale patient engagement, and embed new insights to unlock the value of customer interactions for superior business outcomes.

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