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The Digital Evolution in Pharma: Content is Still the King in Driving Brand Performance


In 1996, while working in Global Brand Marketing, I found Bill Gates’ essay declaring “Content is King” highly relevant to the needs of the time in my role as a Pharma marketer. Much has changed in Pharma marketing over the last 20 years. The growth of new technologies has created new channels and capabilities with the promise of driving marketing impact and brand performance. The industry has effectively utilized various channels and campaign strategies to target and engage both HCPs and consumers.

Nonetheless, content is still king and delivering the right message to each customer, based upon the stage of their journey, remains the key to engage customers and drive sales performance.  Increasingly, the demand for targeted, timely and relevant content by HCPs and Consumers has reached an unprecedented scale -- Pharma companies now are starting to think like publishing companies to meet informational needs and expectations of customers through more assets both in variability and quantity.

The current process for updating digital content is painful, lengthy and cost prohibitive. Even small changes or updates to digital content require cumbersome manual programming, which incurs high costs and long turnaround times. It also leads to a poor user navigation experience for the field reps and HCPs. Therefore, many Pharma marketers are excited about the viihealth cloud-based tools for content authoring and updating, on the fly, without the need for manual programming: reduced churn, cost, and time-to-market.

As we study innovative players from other industries, we learn that data plays an integral role in linking the content with the customer - improving the quality and impact of experience. Therefore, we view the capability to author and deliver content as the vehicle to gather better insights when combined with relevant analytics, to increase targeted professional and consumer engagement.The role of marketing is to positively impact customer behavior. Content continues to be king when it is timely, targeted, and relevant --- guided by data analytics and recommendations to drive the engagement impact and the brand performance.


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