Easily equip field reps with targeted content for each HCP - 

Improve the impact of sales calls

Most life science companies have yet to realize the full power of Multichannel Closed Loop Marketing.
Although 90% of reps are equipped with iPads, the majority do not use CLM digital content optimally. 

We help you deliver high-impact, HCP-tailored digital content. Quickly, easily and cost effectively

  • More content available in CLM to support sales force.
  • Reduction in time and agency hours to develop content. 
  • Reduction in cost to localize.

Average development duration for a digital sales aid (in weeks)


viihealth enhances the Experience, Process and Impact of your Multichannel CLM digital content


Enhanced navigation for a better user experience for both field reps and physicians


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Closed Loop Marketing In Pharma:
A Better User Experience For Better Results


Quickly, easily, and cost-effectively deliver content through Veeva and MI. No Programming Required


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Fast, Easy, Cost-effective content updates


Deliver relevant, timely content tailored to individual physician segments for greater impact


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Overcoming five Obstacles to Successful CLM

Optimize your closed loop marketing efforts from strategy through implementation.

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