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Smart Digital Content: Accelerate the Right Content to the Right Customer at the Right Time

Digital Customer Engagement in pharma is evolving dramatically, powered by the potent fusion of Customer, Content, and Data. Delivering the right message to each customer, based upon the stage of their customer journey, is the key to engaging customers and driving sales performance.

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Digital Marketers Guide to Multichannel Marketing Solutions: The 7-Point Checklist

As marketers implement their multichannel marketing solutions, they are realizing that gaps exist in implementing multichannel marketing quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Hence, they need specialized, targeted, integrated tools to fully optimize multichannel marketing platforms and solutions.

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Closed Loop Marketing

Closed Loop Marketing in Pharma: A Better User Experience for Better Results

This paper presents a practical approach in enhancing user experience to spur higher levels of  field rep utilization of digital content  through Closed Loop Marketing ( CLM) systems such as Veeva iRep and Nexxus MI platforms to unlock the value and improve ROI...

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Missing Link in Patient Engagement

Patient engagement has emerged as a definitive driver of commercial success in an increasingly customer-centric enviroment. After several years of rising pharmaceutical industry investment in patient engagement technology, what lessons are we learning... 

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Driving Customer Engagement in Life SciencesA New Blueprint for Commercial Success

Insight can be found in unexpected places… and objects… and forms. 
Like a snowflake.  A snowflake?

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