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viihealth is a global, digitally enhanced customer engagement company and the home of SMART Content. The SMART Content Suite is a cloud-based multichannel software solution used by forward-thinking life sciences organisations who need to change and improve the way they engage with customers and maximise their digital ROI. SMART Content achieves this by accelerating digital production and increasing levels of customer engagement. It allows users to manage digital assets effectively and to smooth and control the production of digital assets for rep-driven and direct-to-consumer channels. As an intelligent and automated solution, the SMART Content Suite is faster, easier and less costly than manual digital production. It drives global brand value and enables easy adaptation for local campaign implementation with increased relevance, personalisation and segmentation. New content isn’t essential for increased levels of customer engagement. SMART Content makes your existing, approved content work harder for you. It can be repurposed easily and quickly for use in multiple styles, formats and channels.

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