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2016 Electoral Maps: Lessons for Digital Multichannel Marketers Blog Post #1 in a Series of 3


Electoral maps have been used in every election since the late 1800's to show the latest polling data and predict state-by-state outcomes.  However, despite their longevity, mapmakers consider them “cartographically questionable" because they can be visually misleading.  However, electoral maps persist as one of the most used - and most powerful - tools in election dialogue.

This blog series explores three ways that mapping done right is a powerful tool for digital multichannel marketers.

Lesson #1:   Mapping done right brings the customer journey to life.

Why are maps that depict states as “red states” or “blue states” “cartographically questionable?” Because the size of a state may over-represent what it actually represents in terms of votes.  Montana, for example, a gigantic state, and therefore, a physically large red area on the map, has only three electoral votes.  Tiny heavily-populated Rhode Island has four.   Hence, many argue that these maps should be replaced with data tables that show the actual number of votes per state. 

However, despite these challenges, we continue to use electoral maps rather than data tables or bar charts.  Why?  Because we are inherently visual, relationship-oriented creatures who want to see the relationship between the red space and the blue space rather than merely look at numbers in a table. 

Similarly, Bio-Pharma marketers need to clearly see the relationships between the diverse array of interactions that HCPs have with marketing and sales content.  Delivering a tailored marketing response that adapts to HCP needs, preferences, and patterns depends on your ability to develop a deep understanding of the customer journey. 

viihealth, Inc. recognizes that inevitably, different target customers will interact with your brand in a different series of touchpoints in different ways across different channels.  That’s why we provide you with the ability to map customers’ digital journeys and engagement levels for the ultimate delivery of more productive multichannel marketing that drives results.