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2016 Electoral Maps: Lessons for Digital Multichannel Marketers Blog Post #2 in a Series of 3

us-map.jpgAccording to Denis Wood’s book The Power of Maps, “Maps let us recognize spatial distributions and relationships and make it possible for us to visualize and hence conceptualize patterns and processes that operate through space.”

It is this “power of maps” that makes mapping, or the diagrammatic representation of facts or information, hold similar power for Bio-Pharma.

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Lesson #2:  Mapping enables stronger campaign visualization.

A key principle of effective Multichannel Marketing is the thoughtful planning and execution of strategically-oriented messages that ensure a relevant, compelling, and cohesive customer experience.  Using a high-impact, user-friendly visual mapping tool eliminates the drudgery of campaign planning, ensures better design of multichannel marketing campaigns, and yields stronger results in the execution of the campaigns.

viihealth, Inc. delivers industry-leading campaign visualization technology that enables you to clearly and easily visualize the optimal campaign – one that delivers timely, HCP-centric digital content that resonates with customers and engages them across a broad array of communication channels. 

viihealth, Inc. is a next-generation digital customer engagement company that provides targeted, scalable and smart cloud based solutions – software, services, and data – that seamlessly work with leading established enterprise platforms, bridging the gaps to improve marketing and sales impact.

(For the first part in this series, please click here)

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