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2016 Electoral Maps: Lessons for Digital Multichannel Marketers Blog Post #3 in a Series of 3

multichannel-maketing-biopharma-viihealth.jpgAs newscasters stand in front of their favorite news channel’s giant, brightly lit, highly interactive map on Election Night, there is another map that viewers never see.  That map is a diagram used in the design of the giant interactive map -- a map that enables the dynamic user interface and seemingly effortless navigation that captivates viewers as the results roll in across the nation, illuminating the virtual states.

Lesson #3: 

An effective multichannel marketing platform uses mapping to ensure a strong user experience.

Similarly, for digital multichannel marketers, a critically important map is the one that is used as a tool in the design of a better user experience for HCPs.  As a Bio-Pharma marketer, you need a user interface that enables a dynamic, tailored, and responsive customer experience.

You need a user interface that carefully gauges HCP responses to digital sales and marketing content.  The interface then nimbly utilizes branching logic to deliver tailored follow-up content based upon those responses.   The result: customer interaction that yields deeper understanding, more meaningful engagement, and greater commercial success. 

Mapping of the user interface is one of many tools that viihealth uses to ensure navigation that is more responsive, engaging, and easy-to-use – both for Bio-Pharma field reps and HCPs.

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