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Beyond Rhetoric… to Results Overcoming the Obstacles to Successful Multichannel Closed Loop Marketing


With the U.S. Presidential election season in full swing, campaign promises and pledges are flying. “Facts” and figures are swirling.  However, research shows that the electorate is ready to move beyond all of the talk, also known as “campaign rhetoric,” to hear candidates’ concrete action plans for what they will actually accomplish if elected. 
What voters may not realize is that campaign rhetoric does play an important role in an election.  It energizes voters, defines the critical issues, and raises provocative questions.  But at some point, the campaign has to shift from a focus on rhetoric to a focus on results. Similarly, it’s time to move beyond the rhetoric to a focus on results in the discussion of digital content for Multichannel Closed Loop Marketing (CLM). 

Digital content – the lifeblood of Multichannel CLM -- has been a hot topic these days.  And it’s easy to see why: For life sciences companies, the field salesforce is the biggest investment. And companies have made a massive investment in Multichannel Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)
...from the Veeva platform related digital content.  

Yet field rep utilization digital content remains low:  Although fully 90% of reps are equipped with iPads, only 50% of them are using the devices for presentations.  Why?  Field reps cite the lack of timely, customer-centric digital content that they need for more effective tailored sales calls.  

But the updates that deliver fresh, relevant digital content to reps can be difficult to execute, costly, and time-consuming.   That’s why life science leaders are tired of all the talk about digital content. They want more concrete, actionable recommendations on how to successfully implement the updates necessary to keep the content fresh and relevant for HCPs.

As with elections, though, the rhetoric has indeed served its purpose.  The discussion has energized life science companies seeking to increase salesforce effectiveness.  The talk has defined issues such as the importance of moving beyond obsolete “push” marketing to discern the true drivers of HCP decision-making.  And all of the talk has raised provocative questions such as: 

How can we equip the field rep with tailored digital content to increase salesforce effectiveness and productivity?

How can we more easily and more cost-effectively execute digital content updates – which are often difficult, costly, and time-consuming?

But life sciences professionals are weary of questions – and ready for answers. Everyone already 
knows that Multichannel Closed Loop Marketing is a critical strategy for increasing salesforce 
effectiveness. What they do not know is how is how to ensure field rep utilization of digital content. 

What's missing from the conversation are real-world tools for easy, efficient, cost-effective content updates -- for content that field reps will actually use.  Simply put, it's time to move beyond rhetoric …to results.  

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