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Clinton, Trump, and Multichannel Marketing: Lessons from the 2016 Election: Blog Post #2 of 3


Although Twitter is a potent channel for generating discussion and dialogue amongst voters, political strategists are busy grappling with how to harness the deluge of voter opinions expressed on social media channels like Twitter -- and then use the information to shape future political strategy and messaging.  In essence, like Bio-Pharma marketers, political strategists are trying to close the feedback loop across multiple channels – and finding it a challenging task. 

Lesson#2:  “Closing the Multichannel Marketing Loop” is challenging.

Bio-Pharma marketers too are trying to “close the loop.”  Multichannel Closed Loop Marketing efforts are designed to enable marketers and field reps to glean insights into the needs and preferences that drive HCP purchase decisions – and then leverage those insights to more effectively engage HCPs in future sales interactions.  These interactions depend upon timely, HCP-centric digital content that works across a broad array of communication channels -- all with different constraints and requirements.

However, Bio-Pharma marketers are finding it difficult to “close the loop” because even small changes or updates to content require cumbersome manual programming and incur high costs and turn-around times. Hence, many marketers find the current process for updating digital content painful, lengthy and cost-prohibitive.

Pharma companies need simple, effective and integrated solutions to close the loop, unlock the value of their multichannel Closed Loop Marketing platform for field sales, and optimize marketing dollars.  viihealth offers MCM Builder, a cloud-based tool for multichannel CLM content authoring, development and change management in digital presentations “on the fly” -- without the need for manual programming.  This tool, combined with our expertise from strategy through implementations, enables multichannel closed loop marketers to finally… close the loop. 

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