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Clinton, Trump, and Multichannel Marketing: Lessons from the 2016 Election: Blog Post #3 of 3


Lesson #3: 

The success or failure of multichannel marketing depends upon having the right tools to harness and customer-centric insights and deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

In a world in which Facebook boasts 1.65 billion monthly active users, up more than 60 percent from 2012, the year of the last election[2], campaign strategists are agonizing over how to ensure the right messages are targeting the right people at the right time.  As states, “It truly comes down to targeting constituents with timely information.  What social and digital media create is a lot of data — for targeting consumers with follow-up messages, trend analysis, and issue identification …to deliver messages that resonate with the contributor or voter.”

Similarly, Bio-Pharma marketers are wrestling with how to move from “a lot of data…” to delivering the “messages that resonate” with health care professionals and patients.  As marketers implement their multichannel marketing platforms, they are realizing that gaps exist in implementing multichannel marketing quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Hence, they need specialized, targeted, integrated tools to fully optimize multichannel marketing platforms and solutions.

viihealth MCM Builder, a targeted cloud-based SaaS-based tool enables high-impact campaign visualization, as well as MCM content authoring, updating, and localization “on the fly” -- without the need for manual programming.  Our Veeva/MI-compatible tools and expertise improve the process, time-to-market, and impact of your digital content across multiple channels.

viihealth, Inc. is a next-generation digital customer engagement company that adds unique value for the global life science industry through targeted, scalable and smart cloud based solutions – software, services and data –that seamlessly work with leading established enterprise platforms, bridging the gaps to improve marketing and sales impact.

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