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Winning at CLM: Creating a Gold-Medal User Experience

medal.jpgAs the 2016 Olympic games get underway in Rio, millions of viewers will be tuning in to see who takes home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.  However, the Olympic athletes are not the only ones whose performance is being closely watched. 

Application management software provider Dynatrace has been monitoring how well the Olympics websites and apps are performing:  “The team here at Dynatrace … started to look at how web and mobile applications will be experienced by users in Brazil during the Games.”

Why the focus on user experience (UX)?  Because it matters – for the Olympics …and for pharma.  User experience design, which focuses on improving customer satisfaction through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product, plays a pivotal role in improving ROI on marketing investments such as Closed Loop Marketing (CLM).

Despite huge investments in digital tools, Pharma marketers have not fully leveraged the value of their digital content investments. Currently, around 90% of Pharma reps globally are equipped with a mobile device, but only a small percentage use CLM digital content consistently in their interactions with health care professionals (HCPs).

The lack of personalized content at a segment level and a difficult user navigation experience are the primary reasons for low adoption by the field. Moreover, even small changes or updates to content require cumbersome manual programming and incur high costs and turn-around times. Hence, many marketers find the current process for updating digital content painful, lengthy and cost prohibitive.

Pharma companies need simple, effective and integrated solutions to close the loop, unlock the value of their CLM platform for field sales, and optimize marketing dollars.

Marketers responsible for customer content are excited about the new solutions from viihealth – including a cloud-based tool for CLM content authoring, development and change management in digital presentations on the fly -- without the need for manual programming. 

The result: improved ROI, based upon enhanced process; targeted-dynamic sales content and significant reductions in cost and development time needed to create modify and localize digital presentations. Increased availability of HCP-tailored content assets with dynamic navigation ensures a Gold Medal user experience that drives field utilization of digital content multifold and unlocks the value of CLM for Pharma.