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Digital Evolution in Pharma: Accelerating the Impact of Smart Digital Content

The role of marketing is to positively impact customer behavior. Importantly, relevant, targeted content is a key component for driving meaningful experience and engagement with customers in order to maximize brand performance.

Many companies have embraced the digital marketing evolution; but to drive success, it is critical that all efforts are targeted and aligned with internal strategies and processes to: a) easily optimize the use and impact of digital content, and b) leverage the best data-tracking and intelligence gathering capabilities which help improve the impact of each sales interaction.

As digital customer engagement evolves, so do techniques to maximize the value of these engagements.  Successful companies actively use data and insights, from and about their customers, to understand and improve the delivery of the right content for the right customer at each interaction…positively and cost effectively improving transition of customers through each stage of the sales journey. The use of data and insights, i.e., enabling relevant, timely and data driven customer insights, is the integral part of the strategy that shifts a one-size-fits-all messaging approach to a truly personalized experience. 

Many pharma companies have a challenge in aggregating and leveraging data and insights to inform content recommendations.  They are frustrated that it takes far too much time and costs too much to create or update digital content.  Poor user navigation experience for field reps and HCPs results in sales teams not consistently/effectively using their digital devices to deliver the message. This leads to sales teams using outdated content with their customers: resulting in irrelevant and ineffective messaging and the home office team missing actionable insights on delivery and impact of the message. Most current solutions to the problem are overwhelmingly complex, requiring significant information technology (IT) resources, putting pressure on internal teams with limited resources: time, budget, experience and tools.

A new approach to the solution is the SMART platform that enables the conversion of non-digital content into appropriately categorized and tagged interactive content designed for the prevailing customer relationship management (CRM) and closed-loop marketing (CLM) systems that easily enable the authoring, editing, previewing, and publishing of digital content without the need for additional programming. The SMART platform also aggregates various marketplace datasets into a central repository and leverages the insights to make content recommendations directly accessible by marketers and key items by sales teams right when and where they need it – easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Join us at our upcoming webinar on the topic:
Thursday, March 22nd at 11am EST 

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Learn about the innovative approaches to accelerating the Impact of Smart Digital Content to scale customer engagement and drive sales & marketing effectiveness.  Our expert team will cover:

  • How to Leverage Digital Evolution in Pharma to Drive Meaningful Customer Experience
  • How to Address Key Barriers to Efficient Execution/Delivery of Digital Content
  • What are the New Approaches to Accelerate Commercial Effectiveness
  • Demo of the Innovative SMART Content Platform

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