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Holiday Shopping Goes Multichannel

mall_of_america.jpg reports that the 5.6 million-square-foot Mall of America, the largest retail space in the U.S., is deploying an artificial intelligence-based gift concierge system called “E.L.F.” or “Experiential List Formulator.”   E.L.F. is an IBM Watson-powered bot that engages in conversation with mall customers -- and delivers individually-tailored shopping suggestions on Facebook Messenger or online at

Clearly, retailers are harnessing the power of multichannel marketing:  meeting customers with the content they want – when, where, and how they want it.  Similarly, bio-pharma marketers are striving to deliver targeted and timely content that resonates with their customers - both health care professionals and patients  - across an array of channels. 

Bio-pharma marketers are asking, "How can I optimize targeted digital content for the field and all other channels to drive better customer engagement and business results?"

viihealth MCM Builder™, a targeted cloud-based SaaS-based tool enables high-impact campaign visualization, as well as MCM content authoring, updating, and localization “on the fly” - without the need for manual programming.  Our Veeva/MI-compatible tools and expertise improve the process, time-to-market, and impact of your digital content across multiple channels.  The result:  a multi-fold increase in field sales-force utilization of iPads; and over 50% reduction in time, agency hours, and costs to develop and localize content for HCPs. 

From mega-retailers to bio-pharma companies, marketers are harnessing the power of multichannel marketing to reach customers across channels --and make every interaction count. 

To help you do that more effectively, here is a holiday gift from us to you:  “The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Multichannel Marketing:  The 7-Point Checklist.”  It’s a checklist of your own to guide you in decisions about your multichannel marketing solution.  So you can be sure that the multichannel investment you are making is a gift that keeps on giving – to you and to your customers.

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