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Winning at CLM: Creating a Gold-Medal User Experience

As the 2016 Olympic games get underway in Rio, millions of viewers will be tuning in to see who takes home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.  However, the Olympic athletes are not the only ones whose performance is being closely watched. 

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Beyond Rhetoric… to Results Overcoming the Obstacles to Successful Multichannel Closed Loop Marketing

With the U.S. Presidential election season in full swing, campaign promises and pledges are flying. “Facts” and figures are swirling.  However, research shows that the electorate is ready to move beyond all of the talk, also known as “campaign rhetoric,” to hear candidates’ concrete action plans for what they will actually accomplish if elected. 

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Redefining the "Patient" as the "Customer": What's in a Name?

If you have read any pharma industry publications or blogs lately, then you know that there is an industry shift underway to redefine the “patient” as the “customer.” 

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Reflections on Day 3 of EyeforPharma Barcelona:  Visca el Barca!

Before departing Barcelona after the last day of EyeforPharma Barcelona, I tried desperately to soak up the last hours of the city’s feverish excitement about the Barcelona Football Club and its 38-game winning streak.  With cheers of “Visca el Barca!” ringing in my ears, I longed to  take the city’s energy, excitement and pride home with me. 

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Reflections on Day 2 of Eye for Pharma Barcelona:  On Managing Change

Today, on my way back to my hotel, I took the time to stroll past the Sagrada Familia, the masterwork of architect Antoni Gaudi was begun in 1882, in the tradition of building cathedrals over centuries. The soaring silhouette of this iconic cathedral-in-the-works has come to symbolize Barcelona itself, even as it has generated controversy.

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Reflections on Day 1 of Eye for Pharma Barcelona:  The Art of Patient-Centricity and The Art of ...Flamenco Dance?

Clap-clap-clap!  Stomp-Stomp!  At the end of a productive day in the Exhibit Hall at Eye for Pharma Barcelona 2016, I followed the sound, until I arrived at a stage with a dancer performing the mesmerizing traditional flamenco dance, singing, stomping, and clapping, a vivid blur of scarlet ruffles swirling from the traditional flamenco costume amid the fervent strumming of a guitar.

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Snowflakes On My Mind

Snowflakes are on my mind.  Snowflakes are everywhere.  And not just because it’s winter in Pennsylvania.  Sure, their crystalline patterns stick to the icy surface of my car window and cling to the thick yarn of my favorite charcoal grey sweater.  And yes, snowflakes make up my son’s latest art project, the lacy paper chains that festoon my mantle. 

Is the Life Sciences Industry Playing “Telephone” with Customer Engagement?

As I watched my children, I wondered if a popular childhood game was more than mere child’s play.  Perhaps it held some valuable lessons for the life sciences industry. 

The Customer Engagement Lesson!

Have you ever had a potentially disastrous experience flip on you, make you think deeper, and turn out to be a memorable lesson worthy of a place in your arsenal of analytical tools?

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