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Polls, Pundits, and Multichannel Marketing: Lessons from the 2016 Election Blog Post #1 in a Series of 3


With the 2016 Election looming, a seemingly never-ending parade of poll results march across our television, laptop, and smartphone screens.  Election polls are the primary tools used to understand voters, shape messaging, and even influence election results.  This series of three blogs will explore what Bio-Pharma multichannel marketers can learn from pollsters and pundits as we seek to understand our customers, shape messaging, and influence purchase decisions to drive commercial success.

Lesson #1:  “Small Data” matters.  Big Data is insufficient to understand our customers.

“Voter Polls Don’t Necessarily Reveal the Truth,” proclaims an article in the February 18, 2016 edition of TIME Magazine.  Author Martin Lindstrom asserts:  “Today, thanks to Big Data, both the Democratic and Republican Parties believe they know everything about the American voter. If you’re a U.S. citizen who has disclosed personal information to a company … ranging from the NRA to your local CVS, odds are that this data has been sold to the two major political parties to help them frame, shape and refine their messaging.”

The article is a sharp reminder that Big Data merely records what people claim they support – and not the actual vote that they cast behind the voting booth curtain.   “Big-brand consumer marketers have already found out that big data alone can’t tell them what consumers really want. Nor are they shy about inspecting consumers’ bedrooms and kitchens and analyzing music and media habits in search of ‘small data’ subconscious behavioral clues that tell them things big data can’t,” states Lindstrom. 

Multichannel marketers need the right tools to seek out the clues to the needs, preferences, and buying patterns of their diverse base of HCP customers across multiple channels.  viihealth MCM Builder provides a dynamic user interface that carefully gauges HCP responses to digital sales content and then nimbly utilizes branching logic to deliver tailored follow-up content based upon those responses.  The result:  more meaningful customer interactions that yield richer understanding, deeper engagement, and greater commercial success.

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