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Reflections on the 2016 Veeva European Commercial Summit in Madrid

IMG_2254.jpgJust as “compatibility” is a critically important concept in the Spanish legal system,
it is also a critically important concept in multichannel marketing.

When I travel, my journey starts days before I leave.  How is that possible?  I immerse myself in the history and culture of a place before my flight even departs. 

As I prepared to leave for Madrid as a Summit Sponsor for the 2016 Veeva European Commercial Summit in Madrid, I was transported into the legal chambers of Spain as I learned that the foundation of the Spanish legal system is that all laws must be declared “compatible” with the Spanish Constitution. 

Merriam-Webster defines “compatibility”  as “capable of existing or performing in harmonious or agreeable combination; designed to work with another device or system without modification.”  Multichannel marketers need digital solutions that are compatible with their current infrastructure -- solutions that allow them to be nimble and responsive to the dynamic needs of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and patients.

Argolife SAS, a subsidiary of viihealth, Inc., a next-generation digital customer engagement solutions provider for the Life Science industry, announces the commercial release of MCM Builder™, its cloud-based SaaS solution to quickly and cost-effectively build and update multi-channel digital content.  viihealth, through Argolife, is the only Veeva partner with the highest Veeva Level IV certification and a global cloud-based content authoring solution – which is why we chose to launch MCM Builder at this gathering of Veeva customers, experts, and partners.

Despite the fact that over 90% of pharma reps worldwide are equipped with an iPad, few field reps use them regularly – or optimally -- in interactions with health care professionals.  As a result, in this increasingly complex digital environment, bio-pharma marketers are asking, "How can I optimize targeted digital content for the field and all other channels to drive better customer engagement and business results?"

MCM Builder™ is a state-of-the-art tool that enables bio-pharma to achieve a multi-fold increase in field sales-force utilization of iPads; and over 50% reduction in time, agency hours and costs to develop and localize content for HCPs.  MCM Builder™ works seamlessly with Veeva iRep, Nexxus MI, and other Closed Loop Marketing ecosystems, enabling bio-pharma companies to enhance and streamline digital content updates "on the fly" -- without the need for cumbersome, costly manual programming.

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