• Easily-equip-field-reps-with-targeted-content-for-each-HCP.png Optimize your closed loop marketing efforts

Creating, modifying and deploying digital content can be painfully slow, complex and costly.
Digital content is crucial in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, yet only 13% believe their organizations are leveraging it well.

Our SMARTContent Suite significantly reduces the time, cost and effort required to deploy digital content - by up to 70%
without the need for advanced design or programming skills.

A 2-minute video

With the VIIHEALTH SMARTContent Suite your team could:

  • Send fewer edit requests to your costly creative agency.
  • Edit content in PowerPoint.
  • Convert existing non-digital content into tagged and trackable interactive content, without the need for additional programming.
  • Edit/author existing content in real-time.
  • Increase rep productivity by providing them with more targeted and relevant content for customer segments.
  • Review utilization KPIs reports determining which messaging is working.
  • Have a solution that is integrated into your existing workflows – without extra work.

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