SMART Content

Deliver higher message and content engagement while

saving time, money and effort


Simple | Multichannel | Automated | Relevant | Targeted
The SMART Content Suite is a fully CRM-integrated, cloud-based, end-to-end, global digital content platform.
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SMART Content

Easily produce and edit digital
assets. Upload your designs and
automatically produce
interactive, digital materials

fully compatible with you CRM.

SMART Content
for Veeva

If your company uses Veeva
then you already
have access thanks to
Single Sign-On (SSO).
Just use your Veeva
credentials to access the
platform. Now that's SMART!

Benefits of Comigral

Flow Maker

Simple drag and drop interface
to update, rearrange iPad
presentations - all without

Benefits of Comigral


Create a short video sequence
from already existing fragments
Fully compatible with Veeva Vault.

SMART Player

Allows you to play your Digital Sales Aid without
uploading it on a CRM
Including tracking data.

SMART Player
Veeva IQvia saleforce


Flow Maker:
create your CLM presentation

Email generator:
build your email

SMART Video:
create short video sequences

create microsite

SMART Player:
play your presentation
for iPad mode

Want to speed the production of your digital assets?
Cut costs? Deliver higher message and content engagement?